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Animal Success Stories
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Ariel, now known as Abby, is sitting patiently for her 1st Birthday Bone.  Her family says they are so thankful for her, and that even though she enjoys digging holes in the backyard, she still brings so much joy to their lives.

Adopted October 2014


Harvey, formerly known as Dollar, loves to keep his new siblings on their toes, even though the 160lb. St. Bernard mix and 90lb. Lab mix both outweigh him!  Harvey is fearless, and relishes a chance to sit on the bigger dogs' heads just for fun.

Adopted March 2015


Now known as Georgia, she is still living the life. This is her in Ontario at the Algonquin Park. She is ready for anything her owners put in front of her.


Nelson appears to be adjusting very well. He is such a joy to have around. Gave my husband his first kiss today. I didn't want to tell myhusband that I get tons of kisses. He doesn't cry anymore at night. Just loves his squeaky toys. So happy he came into our lives.


August 21, 2014

Bella home from a Dr visit. She did real well. On our way to the board walk. Her obsession with food is showing so I'm looking for ways to love her up without over feeding. I hope the walks will help. She's taken over the house and I think she knows this is her house now and we are her people. We are loving her up. Have a good day.

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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